Mantis Horticulture is proud to present our premier CMH system, the PLATINUM powered by Hortilux.

Featuring the highest quality full spectrum Eye Hortilux 315 watt Ceramic Metal Halide bulb.  Vertically oriented sockets paired with mirrored aluminum reflectors result in the highest PAR and micromole light meter readings, along with the most uniform footprints and even light distribution.

By combining Eye Hortilux’s bulb and the latest in CMH reflector technology with a square wave low-frequency digital ballast we’ve created an amazing trio. Measuring in at only 21.7” long x 17.3” wide and only 8.5” tall its small package delivers a large footprint. For maximum harvest per square foot of growing space we recommend to have one Mantis Platinum fixture per 2’x 4’ or 3’x 3’ growing space for flowering phases of growth. For maximum vegetative footprint we recommend between 3’ x 3’ and 4’ x 4’ growing space.

Eye Hortilux’s 315 CMH Bulb has an intense UVA & UVB spectrum. Cutting edge research has proven that UVB spectrum is a vital part of recreating one of the secrets of sunlight, which is the positive stress responses exhibited by many crops when exposed to ultra violet light. For example cannabis exposed to UV spectrum during the second half of flowering stages has a direct increase on resin production, late stage ripening, and most importantly results in higher percentages of THC in the finished product.

Believe it or not, other leading bulb manufacturers in the CMH market originally designed their bulbs for the commercial lighting industry to be used in locations like warehouses and parking lots.  Because the bulb was engineered for human eyes, it actually contains a “UV BLOCK” coating on the surface of the glass which intentionally lowers the amount of UV light that escapes the glass. Without the UV Block the Eye Hortilux CMH 315 Grow Lamp was engineered to allow safe amounts of UV to pass through the glass and provides 50% more UV light than the competitors lamps available on the market.


Another convenient feature of the Mantis Platinum system is the daisy chain outlet. This allows you have up to a total of three fixtures plugged into one 120V/15A timer or 240V/10A rated timer. To read more about the Mantis Horticulture PLATINUM system, safety and installation instructions, please click below for our PDF Instruction Manual.


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